Project:George T. Fleming's newspaper columns

From Pittsburgh Streets
1913-05-25: Pittsburgh schoolboys
1913-06-22: Old pupils and principals of Pittsburgh high schools and interesting reminiscences of some commencements
1913-06-29: Pittsburgh veterans who fought at Gettysburg tell thrilling stories
1913-07-27: Army nurse tells of battle scenes
1913-09-14: Summer camping season ends
1913-10-26: To honor memory of Philotus Dean
1914-01-25: Soldier friends were Buckner and Hays
1914-02-08: How Kelly lost his leg
1914-04-12: Rare history in old-time letters
1914-04-26: Pittsburgh and the war of 1846–1848
1914-05-03: Pittsburghers and scenes of their battles during Mexican War
1914-07-19: Thrilling story of escape
1914-08-02: Anniversary of 1874 Butchers Run flood
1914-08-30: The Library Loan Exhibition of 1879
1914-09-06: George Croghan, "King of the Traders"
1914-09-20: Early days of the schools of Pittsburgh
1914-10-25: Pittsburgh in Civil War days
1914-11-01: Tales of an octogenarian
1914-11-08: Newspaper features in Civil War days
1914-11-15: Sacrifice made by a woman
1914-11-22: 'Institutes' of 70 years ago
1914-11-29: History told in Pittsburgh street names
1914-12-06: History recalled by street names
1914-12-13: Wood's plan of Pittsburgh
1914-12-20: Water street and Monongahela wharf
1914-12-27: Great names are commemorated in the streets of Pittsburgh
1915-01-03: Famous names abandoned
1915-01-10: Colonial history recalled by street names
1915-01-17: Historic names handed down
1915-01-24: Stories of Lawrenceville
1915-01-31: Intrepid men commemorated
1915-02-07: French occupation is remembered
1915-02-14: Tale of French success at the Point
1915-02-21: A fine record by Washington Infantry
1915-02-21: Washington in fight with French
1915-02-28: Two hostages of Washington are honored
1915-03-07: Forbes' part in Pittsburgh history
1915-03-14: Name of street recalls last battle
1915-03-21: Henry Bouquet has place in history
1915-03-28: Washington in Pittsburgh history
1915-04-04: Site of Wayne's encampment may be bought
1915-04-04: Indian names of Pittsburgh streets
1915-04-11: Streets named for fierce Indians
1915-04-18: Iroquois names for streets of city
1915-04-25: Delaware names for streets of city
1915-05-02: Street named for sturdy pioneer
1915-05-09: Devereux Smith gives name to street
1915-05-16: Patriot Smith suffers for loyalty
1915-05-23: Thrilling days at Fort Pitt in 1776
1915-05-30: Names recall Civil War heroes
1915-06-06: French allies honored in streets
1915-06-13: Street names of French origin
1915-06-20: Famous doctor gives name to street
1915-06-27: Name of street recalls work of Montour
1915-06-27: When Johnny came marching home
1915-07-04: Montour's name in history of city
1915-07-11: French noble's name given to street
1915-07-18: French plan to dominate Ohio
1915-07-25: Gen Braddock's story still lives
1915-08-01: Halket's deeds recalled by street
1915-08-08: Braddock's end shows cost of fame
1915-08-15: Neville a name that shines in history
1915-08-22: Nevilles men of very real worth
1915-08-29: Isaac Craig is honored by city
1915-09-05: Neville–Craig story good reading
1915-09-12: Insurrection at Neville's in 1794
1915-09-19: Eminent judges names honored in streets
1915-09-26: Addison story is full of interest
1915-10-03: War of judges and what it caused
1915-10-10: Lacyville once a well known suburb
1915-10-17: Hill district's place in history
1915-10-24: Wylie avenue home of many officials
1915-10-31: Center avenue is a famous old road
1915-11-07: Tustin estate now part of city
1915-11-14: Odd life story recalled by street
1915-11-21: Vanished tomb recalls sad story
1915-11-28: [⸺e's] part in story of city
1915-12-05: Queer house is of historic interest
1915-12-19: Reisville now forgotten name
1915-12-12: Aged man tells tales of his boyhood
1915-12-26: Aged man tells tales of his youth
1916-01-09: Old highway is now great avenue
1916-01-16: Oakland once beautiful suburb
1916-01-23: Gazzam's Hill named for pioneer
1916-01-30: Name brings up tale of old romance
1916-02-06: Vast estate is won by swift wooing
1916-02-13: Mrs. Schenley's will filed here
1916-02-20: New light shed on Schenley history
1916-02-27: Story of canal in history of city
1916-03-05: Story evolved from plate and map
1916-03-12: Growth of city in century is great
1916-03-19: Visitors tell about early city
1916-03-26: Aged journals show city's life
1916-04-02: Foster family many years in city
1916-04-09: Foster family in early city life
1916-04-16: Time before the big fire is recalled
1916-04-23: Old timers tell about city's growth
1916-04-30: Traveler sees much in old city
1916-05-07: Romantic tale recalled by street
1916-05-14: Old residents tell about city
1916-05-21: Tragic tale is recalled by streets
1916-05-28: Streets named for heroes of war
1916-06-04: North Side has interesting history
1916-06-11: Robinson story sad page in history
1916-06-18: Pioneer's life pictured by writer
1916-06-25: Street names recall old citizens
1916-07-02: Old Allegheny families are honored
1916-07-09: Mexican names for local streets
1916-07-16: Sidelights on Mexico in letters
1916-07-23: Stirring days recalled by streets
1916-07-30: Fierce fights recalled by streets
1916-08-06: Buena Vista is named for big victory
1916-08-13: Montezuma is an Aztec Indian name
1916-08-20: Fierce battle with lancers described
1916-08-27: Lacock street named for statesman
1916-09-03: Butler street named for a soldier hero
1916-09-10: Fighting Butler history made complete
1916-09-17: Thrilling story of defeat by Indians told
1916-09-24: Roll book of the Greens unique; story terse
1916-10-01: Kelly tells fine story of trip to Vera Cruz
1916-10-08: Kelly tells of hanging U. S. deserters
1916-10-15: Great battle at Tacubaya is thrilling
1916-10-22: Old court house once famous edifice
1916-10-29: Old postoffice once noted structure
1916-11-05: Old court house place of noted meetings
1916-11-12: Famous jurist and orator honored
1916-11-19: Name of Morgan, gallant soul, lives on
1916-11-26: Noted service is recalled by street name
1916-12-03: Railroad entry into city was real event
1916-12-10: Old time service on railroads was crude
1916-12-17: Trading growth is notable in this section
1916-12-24: Cass pioneer in building of railroad
1916-12-31: Railroads push over many obstacles
1917-01-07: Buying battle field recalls fierce fight
1917-01-14: Boquet's march west great achievement
1917-01-21: Strategy wins battle for Boquet
1917-01-28: Bouquet's big victory over Redskins
1917-02-04: Girtys' varied careers are retold
1917-02-11: Girty rescued man from the stake
1917-02-18: Tory uprising here in 1778 recalled
1917-02-25: Washington is commemorated here poorly
1917-03-04: Great patriots are honored in street names
1917-03-11: Cubba-You-Quit brings back noted trial
1917-03-18: Story of early Pittsburgh physicians
1917-03-25: Street scenes change with city's growth
1917-04-01: Vickroy tells of surveying new city
1917-04-08: First growth of Pittsburgh described
1917-04-15: Odd phases of early growth noted
1917-04-22: Arsenal blowup recalled by big blast
1917-04-29: Rare gleanings of history on street
1917-05-06: Father and son attain fame as judges
1917-05-13: French royalty once dwelt here
1917-05-20: French colony here honors king
1917-05-27: Allegheny county has noble record in Civil War
1917-06-03: Brutality charges prevent Ross' election
1917-06-10: Joffre's tour recalls La Fayette's journey
1917-06-17: General La Fayette suffered five years in prison
1917-06-24: Napoleon saved La Fayette from death in Austrian prison
1917-07-01: La Fayette's visit here cause of controversy
1917-07-08: Prince of Wales excited Pittsburgh in 1860
1917-07-15: Curious relic brings out valuable information
1917-07-22: Kossuth, great Hungarian, stirred Pittsburgh in 1852
1917-07-29: War gardens were begun in U. S. in 1817
1917-08-05: Colonial side lights from century-old almanacs
1917-08-12: War-time sidelights in letters and pictures
1917-08-19: Monroe first President to visit Pittsburgh
1917-08-26: Charles Dickens, noted author, here in 1842
1917-09-02: Incidents in Dickens' travels unearthed
1917-09-09: Quaint little book tells of stage and canal in 1835
1917-09-16: Old canal brought great prosperity to Pittsburgh
1917-09-23: Slow canal travel marked a long step in Pennsylvania's progress
1917-09-30: War-time letters of General Alexander Hays reveal secrets
1917-10-07: Beaver and Erie Canal was a great waterway in its day
1917-10-14: Brother of the Kaiser visited Pittsburgh in March, 1902
1917-10-21: William Thaw was masterful figure in early canal transportation
1917-10-28: William Thaw was pioneer in two great carrying systems
1917-11-04: Steam navigation of rivers, begun by Fulton, made Pittsburgh famous
1917-11-11: First river steamboat's trip from Pittsburgh thrilling
1917-11-18: Vast upheaval incident to first steamboat's voyage in 1811
1917-11-25: Robert Fulton, marvelous in invention, commemorated in Pittsburgh
1918-08-12: Pittsburg, Cal.
1919-03-16: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, the reformer
1919-03-23: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, reformer
1919-03-30: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm in journalism
1919-04-06: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm starts newspaper
1919-04-13: Bits of biography—Jane G. Swisshelm goes to Washington
1919-04-27: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, reformer
1919-05-04: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, reformer
1919-05-11: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer
1919-05-18: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer
1919-05-25: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer
1919-06-01: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer
1919-06-08: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, pioneer
1919-06-15: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-06-22: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-06-29: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-07-06: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-07-13: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-07-20: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-07-27: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-08-03: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, war nurse
1919-08-10: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, journalist
1919-08-17: Bits of biography—Jane Grey Swisshelm, reformer
1919-08-24: Early history of Beaver county towns on Ohio
1919-08-31: Beaver county history of varied character
1919-09-07: Beaver Falls is century old town under two names
1919-09-14: Pittsburgh of 1836 described
1919-09-21: Wilkins, eminent jurist and statesman, concerned in a duel
1919-09-28: Bits of biography—Captain T. B. A. David, telegrapher
1919-10-05: Bits of biography—Capt. T. B. A. David, telegrapher
1919-10-12: Bits of biography—Capt. Thos. B. A. David, telegrapher
1919-10-19: Bits of biography—the Brackenridges, father and son
1919-10-26: Bits of biography—the boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-11-02: Bits of biography—the boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-11-09: Bits of biography—the boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-11-16: Bits of biography—the boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-11-23: Bits of biography—boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-11-30: Bits of biography—boyhood of Henry Marie Brackenridge
1919-12-07: An introduction to a new series of Pittsburgh history stories
"It is true that much of this line of history has been included in the series of 260 articles concluded November 30, last, and necessarily so. That series began with the nomenclature of Pittsburgh streets as a text and continued with the recital of whatever history could be evoked from our historic street names past and present."
1919-12-14: History of the early social life of Pittsburgh
1919-12-21: History of the early social life of Pittsburgh
1919-12-28: History of the early social life of Pittsburgh
1920-02-15: History of the early social life of Pittsburgh
1921-02-06: Early public schools of Pittsburgh
1921-05-01: In the days of the pioneers
1921-05-08: Early public schools of Pittsburgh
1921-06-05: Early public schools of Pittsburgh
1921-12-11: Looking backwards a century
1922-01-08: Tourist Birkbeck's tale of old Pittsburgh
1922-01-15: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-01-22: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-01-29: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-02-05: Old Penn street, Pittsburgh
1922-02-12: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-02-19: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-02-26: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-03-05: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-03-12: Old Penn Street, Pittsburgh
1922-03-26: Annals of the old Ninth Ward
1922-07-02: Early annals of the port of Pittsburgh
1922-07-09: History from an old map
1922-07-16: History from an old map
1922-07-23: History from an old map
1922-07-30: William Wilkins of "Homewood"
1922-08-06: History from an old map
1922-08-13: History from an old map
1922-08-20: History from an old map
1922-08-27: History from an old map
1922-11-12: The old First Ward School of Allegheny
1923-01-14: An oddity visits Pittsburgh
1923-09-09: Our early governors and their times
1923-12-30: Stray leaves from Cramer's almanacs
1923-03-23: Robert Sears' sketch of Pittsburgh
1924-04-06: General Collot visits Pittsburgh
1924-04-13: Our revolutionary sires
1924-04-20: Patrick Gass redivivus
1924-04-27: Our revolutionary sires
1924-05-04: Our revolutionary sires
1924-05-11: Our revolutionary sires
1924-05-18: Our revolutionary sires
1924-05-25: Memorial Day thoughts
1924-06-01: Our revolutionary sires
1924-06-08: Flag Day, its history and significance
1924-06-15: Our revolutionary sires
1924-06-22: Patrick Gass sleeps again
1924-06-29: Our revolutionary sires
1924-07-06: The old pike
1924-07-13: Our revolutionary sires
1924-08-24: The old Sixth Ward
1925-03-01: Boyhood days
1925-03-08: Old Minersville
1925-03-15: Via the Seventh street road
1925-04-26: The old hill and Minersville revisited
1925-05-03: Pitt's ancestor
1925-05-10: Pitt's ancestor
1925-05-17: Pitt's ancestor
1925-05-31: When Lincoln died