Notes:Youghiogheny Street

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  • Source:Fleming-history@151–152: "To follow further the topic of this chapter one may have recourse to Heckewelder and study his etymology as far as applicable to local geographic names. Some annotated extracts from his book, 'Names, etc.,' are:22 Names which the Lenni-Lenape gave to the rivers, streams and localities within the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, with their significations, prepared for the transactions of the Moravian Historical Society from a manuscript of John Heckewelder, by Wm. C. Reichel (1872), p. 38, et al. ¶ . . . ¶ 'YOUGHIOGHENY—A branch of the Monongahela, from Juh-wiah-hanne, a stream flowing a contrary direction or in a circuitous course.' Among our common geographical names this bears the distinction of having the most distorted of any spellings—Yoxiogany, for one instance.33 'Indian Geographical Names;' Mag. West. History, Vol. II, No. 3, p. 244."
  • Source:Bright@582: "YOUGHIOGHENY River (Md., Garrett Co.; Pa., Allegheny Co.) \yok ə hā′ nē, yok′ ə gā nē\. It is said that the name was applied first to the Pamunkey River in Va. In Md. and Pa. it was earlier written as <Ohio gani, Yoxhio geni> (etc.), perhaps meaning 'four rivers', referring to the main stream and three branches; cf. CAC Algonquian <yeough> 'four' (Kenny 1984). The name also occurs in W.Va. (Preston Co.)."