Notes:Shannopin Street

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Shannopin Street was in Duquesne Heights, from Shaler Street to Wyola Street. It is first listed in Source:Diffenbacher-1894, p. 45. It appears unlabeled in the 1882 and 1890 Hopkins atlases, is labeled "Shannon St." in the Hopkins atlases of 1903–1906 and 1910, and is finally labeled "Shannopin St." in the 1923 Hopkins atlas.

It is mentioned in 1889, in Source:History-of-allegheny-county, part I, p. 481:

Many names of streets in Pittsburgh are derived from the names of British officers at and after the occupation of Fort Duquesne in 1758. Forbes street is named after Gen. Forbes; Smallman street, Marbury street and Stanwix street, after officers at the fort who followed the British recapture of the fort. Grant street and Grant's hill were both named after the unfortunate Highlander who occupied the hill in advance of Forbes' arrival, and was cut to pieces by the Indians before he knew the danger he was in. We also have Shingiss street and Shannopin street, after two Indian chiefs who were here before any fort was built. It seems odd that while men of no greater prominence than those mentioned have their names perpetuated on street-corner signs, men like Neville B. Craig, Brackenridge and many others that could be named are left without recognition. There is, to be sure, a Craig street in Allegheny City, upon which city he had no special claim; but not a street in Pittsburgh is named after him, nor a borough or township in the county. Yet no man had a better claim to such remembrance.

Sources about Shannopin's Town:

Source:Harding mentions Shannopin in a list of streets that "recall the Indian tribes and chiefs who once possessed the country."