Notes:North Shore Drive

From Pittsburgh Streets

1966-11-17 ( 149550694): "Already on the drawing boards or in the works, according to John T. Mauro, the City's planning and development director, are: ¶ —North Shore Park which will be a product of the stadium and Federal–Anderson redevelopment projects. The park will run almost two miles from the stadium to the Heinz plant and extend 60 to 80 feet from the Allegheny River to the proposed North Shore Drive."

1967-03-05 ( 149522575): "—In final design now are the roads serving the stadium parking area and the river road, which will be called North Shore Drive, and the extensions of Lacock Street into the Lower Belt Expressway. This work will start in 1967 and tie into the East Street Valley expressway which is slated to open in 1972. ¶ —Between 1968 and 1970, the North Shore Drive will be extended on up the river beneath the bridges to split—and meet the East Street Expressway one way, and the proposed Crosstown Boulevard Bridge the other. . . . North Shore Drive, Mr. Mauro said, will be one way until it reaches the vicinity of the Crosstown Boulevard Bridge, then it will become two-way with the incoming traffic peeling off to go under the Lower Belt Expressway."

1967-11-23 ( 88213857): "While negotiations continue to secure the track right-of-way through the Federal–Anderson Streets area, construction on North Shore Drive (or River Road, as it was originally intended to be called) will begin. ¶ North Shore Drive is considered a priority road by Mauro and the planners. ¶ It will give the Northside a four-lane, one-way loop providing access to the stadium and various other sections."

1967-11-26 ( 148898315): "Construction of 1–2 miles of roadway within the 84-acre Stadium Renewal area is expected to begin within six weeks following award of a $824,790 contract to Ben Construction Co. of Pittsburgh. ¶ The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said the four-lane concrete road which will parallel the Allegheny River on the north bank will be known as North Shore Drive. ¶ It will connect with General Robinson St. at a point near West Canal St. on the east and with Allegheny Ave. and Sproat Way to the west of the new stadium. ¶ As part of the same contract, both Allegheny Ave. and Sproat Way will be rebuilt and widened within the renewal area south of Shore Ave."

1970-02-08 ( 141401323): "The State Highways Department said yesterday it can not find any funds to build a 900-foot extension of North Shore Drive—some call it River Road—to link up with existing Reedsdale Street."

1970-05-11 ( 148685416): "Some alternatives mentioned by Gratz include the possible blacktopping of the road around the stadium as a temporary basis; discharging passengers from buses on North Shore Drive (Old River Road), which would mean a walk of 95 feet to the stadium; using only the two completed ramps into the stadium (two others are awaiting concrete to be finished. They are partially completed)."

1970-06-11: Source:Ordinance-1970-201, accepting the dedication of and naming North Shore Drive (also Stadium Drive East)