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Source:Pgh-city-planning-map labels Mulberry Way west of 16th Street "Z Way." Is there any truth to this?

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Mulberry Street.

  • Source:Ordinance-1871-mulberry: ". . . the name of Mulberry alley be and the same is hereby changed to Mulberry street."
  • Source:Ordinance-1881-33: "Mulberry street and alley, from Eleventh street to Thirty-eighth street, formerly part Layfayette [sic] alley, Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth and Fifteenth wards."
  • Ordinance, 1891, no. 296: "An ordinance authorizing the construction of a sewer on Mulberry street (or alley), from Twenty-seventh street to a connection with sewer on Twenty-sixth street."
  • Source:Ordinance-1910-716: "Mulberry st. and ay., from 11th to 38th, 2d and 6th wds."