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  • Source:Fleming-history@151–152: "To follow further the topic of this chapter one may have recourse to Heckewelder and study his etymology as far as applicable to local geographic names. Some annotated extracts from his book, 'Names, etc.,' are:[2] ¶ [2] Names which the Lenni-Lenape gave to the rivers, streams and localities within the States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, with their significations, prepared for the transactions of the Moravian Historical Society from a manuscript of John Heckewelder, by Wm. C. Reichel (1872), p. 38, et al. ¶ . . . ¶ 'MONONGAHELA—Corrupted from Menaungehilla, a word implying high banks or bluffs breaking off and falling down at places.' There are various spellings of this word; the form Monongalia used in a county name in West Virginia, and Mon-a-ga-hail vulgarly. Albert Gallatin tried to dissect the Delaware form Me-nan-ge-hilla, but could not find the primitive words."