Notes:Fifth Avenue

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  • Source:Fleming-schools-eighth: "Of course, in 1846 there were no railroads, and Try street was actually a street, with the canal outlet on the side toward the Court House. Fourth avenue turned at Try street (this turn cut out with the building of the Panhandle Tunnel in 1864), then into the Fourth Street road via Diamond and Old avenue, or by Fifth at Ross street."
  • "A crystal palace," Pittsburgh Dispatch, 1889-03-17, p. 2 ( 76226616): "The square [the triangular piece of property at the intersection of Fifth and Old avenues] was built when Fifth avenue was cut through from the Court House to where Old avenue ran into Chatham street. Where that part of Fifth avenue now is was then a vacant lot, where some of the present county and city officials built bonfires of stolen barrels and wagon wheels. ¶ Before the avenue was cut through all travel went out via Old avenue, from Diamond street. Old avenue was then known as Pennsylvania avenue and the 'Fourth street road.' Forbes street was not then cut through to Boyd street, and all the traffic to East Liberty went via Fifth or Penn avenues."

Source:Frey, p. 175: "Fourth Street Road was renamed Fifth Avenue."