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  • Source:Rimmel-april: "Federal Street, one of Allegheny's main thorofares, had its beginning as Franklin Road back on April 3, 1796 when the legislature enacted a law designating a road through the center of the town be laid out from the Allegheny River north to Fort Franklin. This street has been abandoned from Stockton Avenue to Erie Street and a gigantic concrete shopping center and office building stands in the center of the street."
  • Source:Miller@56–58: "Part of the seal of [Alleghenytown] when incorporated was a log cabin, which was the home of James Robinson, who built and operated the first ferry across the Allegheny River. This cabin was near the river bank at the foot of Franklin Road, now Federal Street."
  • Northern end of Federal Street (or Federal Lane) led into the Perryville Plank Road.
  • Source:Fleming-woods: "St. Clair, or Sixth, now Federal street, came next. This was early a ferry road, later a bridge street. It passed through the farm of James Robinson, the first settler on the North Side, and connected with the Federal road, now Federal street, North Side, the pioneer highway to the North, via Perrysville. This has a distinct and notable history."
  • A sign at the northwest corner of Federal Street and General Robinson Street reads "Sophie Masloff Way" for Sophie Masloff (1917–2014), fifty-sixth mayor of Pittsburgh (1988–1994). This designation was given on December 21, 2007 (Source:Regan@61).