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  • "The Pennsylvania Canal was built through the eastern portion of Allegheny borough prior to 1830 and spurred the construction of many small commercial buildings along East Ohio Street. Once the Canal opened in 1829, almost four million tons of freight were shipped on an average week, leading to rapid development. Due to the Canal's construction, some of the borough's landowners had hired surveyors to subdivide the 'out lots' they had received with their 'town lot' deeds. Specifically, a plan of lots was created around the intersection of East Ohio Street and Madison Avenue. In the 1830's a plan with First, Second, and Third Streets (now Foreland, Suismon, and Tripoli) as well as three north to south streets was laid out on lots that were in Mary Croghan's trust. ¶ The land north of Ohio Street that included today's 624–626 East Ohio had been owned by James O'Hara before his death in 1819. Although building rights on these lots would be sold, ownership of the land would remain with the O'Hara/Croghan/Schenley clan, confounding future attempts to ascertain construction dates for 624–626 East Ohio from the land-deed transfer records. . . . ¶ . . . ¶ Mary Schenley and her estate continued to own the land from Avery Street to North Avenue until 1924, when Christ N. Vellis purchased the land under the buildings at 624–626 East Ohio from the trustees of the Schenley estate."
  • Was there a "Saw Mill Run Plank Road" or something like that?
    • Incorporation: "Findleyville and Saw Mill Run Plank Road Company. April 8, 1851, P. L. 367; March 27, 1852, P. L. 192." Source:Beitel@397
    • "No. 141. ¶ AN ACT ¶ To authorize the Pittsburg and Steubenville Turnpike Road Company to change the location of their road and increase their stock, and relative to the Findleyville and Saw Mill Run Plank Road Company. ¶ . . . ¶ SECTION 4. That the proviso of the third section of an act entitled an act to incorporate the Findleyville and Saw Mill Run plank road company, approved the eighth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, be, and the same is hereby repealed. ¶ . . . ¶ APPROVED—The twenty-seventh day of March, A. D., one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two. ¶ WM. BIGLER."
    • "Also, a resolution authorizing the City Solicitor to take the necessary legal steps for the condemnation of a portion of the Saw Mill Run Valley Plank Road, in the Seventh ward." Daily Post (Pittsburgh), 1873-05-09, [p. 4].
    • "Mr. J. C. Patterson Chairman of the Street Committee, presented their report. The Committee reported a balance in their hands of $22,215.61. They opened resolutions instructing the City Solicitor to press for the appointment of Viewers to condemn for the city so much of the saw mill valley plank road as lies within the Seventh ward, and also, for condemnation of the New Brighton Road lying within the limits, also that portion of the Perrysville Plank Road within city limits; . . . . ¶ The report was received and all the resolutions noted, were passed." Pittsburgh Daily Gazette, 1873-05-09, [p. 4].
    • Source:Lee (1883), Source:Krebs (1890), Source:Diffenbacher-1895-map show this as the Evergreen Plank Road.