Notes:Dinwiddie Street

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Source:Fleming-reisville: "Reisville was the settlement along the Fourth street road extending from Price's, at what is now Stevenson street, to Lippincott's Lane, now Dinwiddie street. ¶ . . . ¶ Christ Seitz and his sons Daniel and George, the Reises, Adam Weaver, John Andregg, 'Barney' Flanagan, 'Matt' McGinn and John Henry Miller were butchers also. Then there was John S. Shoffer, 'way out in Shoffers lane,' which was also called Lippencotts lane. Mr. Shoffer was also 'way out in the country' and 'on the edge of Lacyville.' ¶ . . . ¶ 'Sooks Run'—properly 'Sukes'—which came down the 'lane' and meandered along the base of Boyds Hill, formerly called Ayres Hill, entered the Monongahela at the present Panhandle Bridge. Its upper portion was precipitous. The 'lane' was a dirt wagon road through a ravine. ¶ The run is shown on all the old maps of Pittsburgh and flowed first on the north side of the Fourth street road, crossing to the other above Magee street. ¶ In 1863 the run was not sewered below Magee street and flowed through the Watson property between the Fourth street road, then Pennsylvania avenue, and the present Watson street. ¶ Sukes Run, coming from the highland about the present Central Park on Bedford avenue, was somewhat torrential after a big rain and this was an incentive for butchers to locate their slaughter houses along it, the run being thoroughly flushed after a rain."