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"An ordinance locating Moultrie street, from Fifth avenue to Centre avenue." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1901, no. 337. Passed Jan. 28, 1901; approved Feb. 4, 1901. Ordinance Book 13, p. 501. In Municipal Record: Minutes of the proceedings of the [Select and Common Councils] of the City of Pittsburgh, for the year 1900–1901, appendix, p. 135, Devine & Co., Pittsburgh, 1901 (Google Books DsBEAQAAMAAJ; HathiTrust chi.096599021; Internet Archive Pghmunicipalrecordcommon1900).

No. 337.

AN ORDINANCE—Locating Moultrie street, from Fifth avenue to Centre avenue.

Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted by the City of Pittsburgh, in Select and Common Councils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by the authority of the same, That Moultrie street, from Fifth avenue to Centre avenue, be and the same is hereby located as follows, to wit:

The Centre line of Moultrie street shall begin at a point on the south 10-foot line of Fifth avenue at a distance of 477.79 feet eastwardly from the angle in Fifth avenue at Seneca street; thence deflecting to the left 88° for a distance of 1321.55 feet to a point of curve; thence deflection 22° 03′ to the left by the arc of a curve to a radius of 300 feet for a distance of 115.45 feet to a point of tangent; thence along the tangent of said curve for a distance of 1282.28 feet to the north 5-foot line of Centre avenue, intersecting said line at an angle of 107° 25′, and at a distance of 547.79 feet eastwardly from the first angle in Centre avenue west of Kirkpatrick street; and said Moultrie street between said points shall be of a width of fifty (50) feet.

Sec. 2. That any ordinance or part of ordinance conflicting with the provisions of this ordinance be and the same is hereby repealed so far as the same affects this ordinance.

Passed January 28, 1901.

Approved February 4, 1901.

Ordinance Book 13, page 501.