From Pittsburgh Streets

No. 220.

DEDICATION—Of Beacon street, from Wightman street to Schenley Park, and Wightman street from Forbes street to Beacon street at widths of 100 feet.

To the Select and Common Councils, City of Pittsburgh.

The undersigned, John R. Murdoch, Alex. Murdoch, David B. Murdoch and Ellen M. Watson (nee Ellen Murdoch) owners of property on the south side of Forbes street, in the Twenty-second ward of said city, and lying adjacent to Wightman street (from Forbes street to the southern side of Beacon street, of the full width, as hereinafter mentioned) as located by the city, of a width of 50 feet, and adjacent to Beacon street as located by the city, of a width of 60 feet, and extending from said Wightman street to the eastern line of Schenley Park do hereby dedicate to the City of Pittsburgh the said portions of Wightman and Beacon streets, and an additional width of 50 feet to the west side of said portion of Wightman street, and an additional width of 40 feet to the south side of said portion of Beacon street, so that the said portions of Wightman and Beacon streets shall be and remain forever of the width of 100 feet, as appears on the plan signed by us and hereto attached as part hereof, and that the said streets so dedicated shall constitute and remain forever one of the entrances to the said park.

This dedication is made without any conditions or reservations. But we hope the suggestion may not be indelicate that this dedication may be entitled the "Murdoch Entrance," as there are many connections of our family of that name owning lands in that vicinity.

John R. Murdoch,
Alex. Murdcoh [sic],
David B. Murdoch,
Ellen M. Watson.

State of Pennsylvania,
County of Allegheny.
} ss.

Alexander Murdoch being duly sworn says that he is one of the parties who signed the foregoing petition and the plan annexed thereto, that his signature to said petition and plan is in his own proper hand writing, and that the signatures of John R. Murdoch, David B. Murdoch and Ellen M. Watson are the bona fide signatures of the parties represented thereby, and that the said parties are the owners of all the property out of which the land dedicated is taken.

Alex. Murdoch.

Sworn and subscribed this 22d day of November, 1890.

Hilary B. Brunot,
[seal] Notary Public.

In Councils January 12, 1891. Read, accepted and approved.

Ordinance Book 7, page 626.