I am a Ph.D. student studying mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously I was at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where I received my master's degree in math, and before that I got my bachelor's degree in math and computer science, with minors in Czech and physics, also at Nebraska.

For four years I lived in Kauffman while I was in the J.D. Edwards Honors Program, which is now called the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management. I served in hall government for a while: I found myself as Kauffman's Residence Hall Association senator my sophomore year, and then I figured out how things worked and became the vice president of the Kauffman Residents' Association my junior and senior years. My responsibilities as VP consisted of attending two meetings a week and sitting there—much less work than being the RHA senator. When I finished JDE, I spent a year finishing up my undergraduate requirements.

My current schedule is available online. I also have my schedules for previous semesters available (fall 2003, spring 2004, fall 2004, spring 2005, fall 2005, spring 2006, fall 2006, spring 2007, fall 2007, spring 2008, fall 2008, spring 2009, fall 2009, spring 2010, spring 2011), mostly because I've been too lazy to take them down, but also because I believe that URIs should be permanent. These schedules look pretty good in any browser that doesn't suck at CSS, which excludes Internet Explorer. You really should try viewing it in Opera or Mozilla or something else nice. It works in IE, but you lose the lines that help you match up the boxes with the times on the left. (At some point I think it would be neat to write a little Perl script or something to generate these schedules automatically. Currently I edit them by hand, which is rather obnoxious, as you can verify by looking at their source.)

Sometimes exciting things happen to me. On the other hand, occasionally I become annoyed at things.

I spend quite a bit of time editing Wikipedia. My username over there is Bkell.

The most beautiful word I know in any language is pšenice, the Czech word for wheat.

You can e-mail me at It might be a while before I reply, though.

Zif Yoip

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