This is Not-a-Nomicon. You may begin at the beginning.

What is this thing?

Not-a-Nomicon is a series of puzzles. Each puzzle must be solved correctly to reach the next.

Most of the work in each puzzle is figuring out what to do. There are no explicit instructions. You will want to examine each puzzle very carefully, and try many different things.

The answers are not case-sensitive; "ANSWER" and "answer" are both acceptable. Answers are typically a single word, with no period on the end or anything, unless of course the answer isn't a single word, or it does have a period on the end. Sometimes the answer might be a number or a string of symbols, but not usually.

A clue is always provided in the source of the page if you get stuck. The clue might provide vital information without which the puzzle cannot be solved, or it might be of no help at all.

You can always make a bookmark to the puzzle you're on so you can come back to it later.

Why does Not-a-Nomicon exist?

One of my friends wastes a lot of his time figuring out puzzles at places like Frvade, so I reasoned that I could waste more of his time by making Not-a-Nomicon.

Zif Yoip

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