I love words. I also like to play. Therefore, it follows that I find wordplay incredibly awesome. Here's some stuff that I wrote.


I'm trying to be cool and make these crosswords appealing to the eye while also making them interactive so you can solve them online. However, with my limited patience for such things, I think perhaps those sort of aesthetic improvements may have to wait.

I'm also working off-and-on on a 16×16 crossword with a theme, but it's a lot harder than I thought it would be, so it's kinda on the back burner right now.

  1. Presentation Distraction (8×8): My first symmetric crossword. I made it one day in class when I was bored, and then decided to put it on the Web so that people could do it instead of listening to a boring presentation I had to give later that day. It took about fifteen or twenty minutes to write.

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