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Parent Directory - Miscellaneous things 01.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 6.0K Integrate applications, SQL, and TCP/IP with PCs 11-db-structure.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 2.8K Density of dots represents information acls-internal-ex1.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:10 81K Observe the relationship among 3122, 3955, and eric adb-ERdiag-20.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 19K Anesthesia for Dummies baddiagram.png 07-Jun-2006 13:10 5.7K How to manage a university bellwalk.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 21K The pinnacle of simplicity CAPTURE.GIF 07-Jun-2006 13:10 17K Shadows help too, especially if they cover up your arrows dan.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:10 68K Scribbled drawings exude professionalism Database Design - Overview.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 64K Aim for maximum arrowhead density database-sg.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 10K Keep it small; SQL can be represented by a box Database.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:10 40K Sample boxes, arrows, and lines database315erd.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:10 163K Add that high-school-girl flair for a special touch database_fig.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:10 15K Information comes in the form of small pink dots database_schema.png 07-Jun-2006 13:10 22K When arrows don't suffice, use suction cups DatabaseFlow.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 38K Notes aren't notes without the corner fold DatabaseRelationship.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 37K Never sacrifice radial beauty for clarity DataFlowSample.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 65K Gradients increase value 148% db-diagram-full.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 65K Get it? Keys! db.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 6.2K Badly aliased text promotes understanding db_image.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 51K JPEG compression works best for diagrams db_schema.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 28K Colored lines improve readability db_schema_v0.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 30K When color isn't enough, use fill patterns db_schema_v102.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 102K When fill patterns aren't enough, make everything bigger dbdiagram_.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 3.1K Say something useful; avoid generalizations DBDiagramNews.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 6.9K Flout convention: use cylinders for tables DBDiagramSender.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 7.0K Arrows point different ways if Sender is bold DBGET3a.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 11K Straight lines never yield dbmoto_diagram0803.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 40K A good template for starting database design dbpict.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 9.9K You don't need content if you have color dd_diagram.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 13K Cylinders + Computer + Arrows = Design diagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 22K Diagrams are to confuse, not to enlighten diagram1UC_Design.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 13K Text should be so small as to be unreadable diagram2mapping.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 77K Crappy diagram, JPEG artifacts, GIF color depth diagram_.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 3.2K Rounded rectangles can represent any old thing Diagram__.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 74K Columns of shaded boxes convey wisdom diagram___.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:11 7.9K Short footnotes make everything clear diagram___.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 26K Closely spaced, crossing arrows recommended diagram_____.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:11 19K Pretty bubbles can make anything into a flowchart diagram________.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 24K "Manual injection queue" should always appear somewhere diagram_system.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:12 103K Use "Auto" and "Great Look" relationships liberally E-Inspect - Relationship.caption.txt 07-Jun-2006 13:12 164 Original caption for "E-Inspect - Relationship.jpg" E-Inspect - Relationship.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:12 26K Illustruates a well designed solid database structure EclassERDiagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 75K Abundant whitespace adds elegance emproc.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 26K E-mail is clearly an agency domain function entity01.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 26K Usually only the top half is important ER-model.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 70K Shapes can be smaller than enclosed text er.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 13K Comic Sans MS: the king of fonts ERDiagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 11K E-R diagrams are so useful! extlink.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:12 16K You can explain anything with locators and arcs fig1-12.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 4.9K Specific steps for making a geological database figp4.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 1.6K This diagram is so lucid it needs no description figure1.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:12 11K Most professionals use Microsoft Paint gen_stack.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:12 46K "Generates" should always be up glendaERD3.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 32K People won't actually need to read field names GLIMS_ERD_with_att_20030702.png 07-Jun-2006 13:13 25K Nothing is as clear as differently dashed borders go-uml.png 07-Jun-2006 13:13 78K If you have color, arrows can and should overlap HonoursClassDBSwitchBoard.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:13 67K Misspelled names of famous people image003.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 6.4K Try to cut off text for brevity's sake image004.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:13 14K Make lots of identical tables with no relationships image011.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 9.7K When counting, omit 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 image7.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 26K Lines and shapes make anything clear IMG00002.GIF 07-Jun-2006 13:13 5.0K Differentiate substances, components, and fragments img009.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 13K PowerPoint is ideal for high-end diagrams InclusiveDB.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 8.7K Human subjects are simply part of a database JiniBase Diagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 13K Remember, HTTP generates dynamic XHTML KamusTR4.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 4.4K Tiny splotches are letters, too level0.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 18K Utilize ugliness gratuitously libsearchand.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 3.4K Venn diagrams can illustrate Boolean logic libsearchor.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 2.5K Crappy Venn diagrams can too, sort of lusid-schematic.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 16K Connect short sentences with random arrows mcdonalds-eng-990823.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 5.2K Where? What? melendez_er.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:13 61K A good diagram should include your entire screen MovieWorld.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:13 3.8K Use uncommon fonts; they're usually not hinted Nemys.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:14 557K Visio makes all things obvious newiop.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 34K No one needs to be able to follow your arrows objectivity.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 6.7K How to make your diagrams objective odbms.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 7.6K The stranger the shapes, the better the diagram overview_diagram400.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 39K An example of an ideal database diagram p006116.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 12K Color is sufficient; readability is extraneous p107_f-1.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:14 44K Resize images so that lines almost disappear p5801.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 41K Bad diagram? Make a gradient in the background package.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 7.1K Remember, arrows are just for show pga_db_diagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 66K Indicate all PROTOCALs used pizza2.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 13K A simple plan to order pizza pro_diag_dbs.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:14 21K Pretty diagrams are always better proposed_db.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:14 140K This is actually a rather good diagram ramo_Analyse_systemique1993.JPG 07-Jun-2006 13:15 20K True diagrammers use walls ramo_nash_diagram_1.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 45K The artist as a self-governing system ramo_nash_diagram_2.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 54K The artist as open system ramo_nash_diagram_3.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 56K The artist as intelligent system ramo_nash_diagram_4.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 50K Program of a group show raw2intel.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 10K Web Links, Lotus Notes, and Bob are similar rdch_frq.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 32K Screenshots of bad Excel charts can help reportfig2.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 2.3K Tie a FRONT END to a DATA-BASE with PROCs rohde3.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 44K Recall: Colors make any diagram acceptable ROPEM Text Editor II.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:15 181K Scatter multiplicities randomly throughout rt3-schema-relationships.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 118K Strive for the ugliest curves possible Sample1.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 37K Access arranges diagrams perfectly by default schema-6.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 5.4K Blank tables are easiest to design schema-7.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:15 5.0K Try arrows pointing at other arrows schema.png 07-Jun-2006 13:15 18K Increase code cohesion: tangle your arrows Scre1.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:16 102K Greatest diagram ever! Perfect technique! sds2.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:16 39K Relatively clear state diagram server_er.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:16 35K Arrows should be numerous, not meaningful Slide3.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:16 39K Bob, Jim, Jane, Fred, and Laser Printer SQLweb_Diagram.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:16 49K The word "technical" adds mystique table.diagram.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:16 17K Boxes, diamonds, lines, and colors TechGuide20031_img_12.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:16 69K Spend most of your time on textures and 3D tn_sld61.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:16 12K Feel important with diagrams and acronyms trd.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:16 21K Ideally, relationships should resemble a data bus Trigger-Station.jpeg 07-Jun-2006 13:16 152K Include Japanese translations for foreign markets undergradER.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:17 194K E-R diagrams should resemble malignant growths usecase6.GIF 07-Jun-2006 13:17 15K Sharp angles show your exciting side video-states.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:17 15K Try to show the tools you used in the diagram itself views.gif 07-Jun-2006 13:17 26K Don't worry about that right edge Voter ER diagram.jpg 07-Jun-2006 13:17 58K Combine bad design with a plotter and scanner VRGG-COMET_DB-ER-Diagram.png 07-Jun-2006 13:17 17K Mgmt knows its soil