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Parent Directory - Zif Yoip CharacterPanel/ 06-Jun-2006 22:43 - A Java class to display a character in a panel clock/ 28-Jun-2006 02:11 - db-diagrams/ 17-Oct-2009 14:42 - Learn to make valuable database diagrams etch-a-sketch/ 06-Jun-2006 22:47 - SQuirreL/ 06-Jun-2006 22:48 - Java applet that uses a MySQL database 256-to-(400x600).txt 21-Sep-2013 11:07 572K ascii.pdf 07-Jun-2006 13:17 58K A nice ASCII table asghed-tsp.txt 25-Feb-2015 01:30 1.5M BitPattern-bf.c 07-Jun-2006 13:17 41K A simple programming assignment written in Bf BitPattern-bf.txt 07-Jun-2006 13:17 18K README.TXT for BitPattern-bf.c border0.html 07-Jun-2006 13:17 874 Opera border bug candidacy.pdf 07-Jun-2006 13:17 11K Candidacy form for UNL hall government, 2003 chaotic-floating-point.png 07-Jun-2006 13:17 2.9K Roundoff error can cause chaotic behavior citypairs.txt 07-Jun-2006 13:20 2.1M U.S. cities with the same name, sorted by distance apart clue.xls 07-Jun-2006 13:20 19K Probabilities for an online Clue game conference.doc 07-Jun-2006 13:28 7.4M Program for 2003 entrepreneurship conference with ridiculous WordArt crash.wav 07-Jun-2006 13:28 36K A crash demo.pdf 01-Apr-2014 17:39 54K dir-fce-2.png 07-Jun-2006 13:28 24K The explanation for dir-fce.png dir-fce.png 07-Jun-2006 13:28 17K An apparent bug in Windows' dir command email-regex.txt 07-Jun-2006 13:28 6.4K A Perl regular expression that matches a valid RFC 822 e-mail address 07-Jun-2006 13:28 16K Esperanto keyboard layout for Windows moblog.blt 07-Jun-2006 13:28 4.5K AIM screen names for some mobloggers mofo.css 07-Jun-2006 13:28 9.7K Painful CSS from Mutual of Omaha's Web site newscast.mp3 15-Feb-2011 19:10 2.2M overroad.wav 07-Jun-2006 13:28 46K Hey, these guys are all over the road! points.xls 07-Jun-2006 13:28 22K Record of arbitrary points my roommate gave me, spring 2003 primeseq.txt 07-Jun-2006 13:28 5.1K Open this in Notepad to see a strange Notepad bug proposed-system.emf 07-Jun-2006 13:28 24K proposed-system.pdf 07-Jun-2006 13:28 15K racks.c 07-Jun-2006 13:28 2.0K C source of racks.exe racks.exe 07-Jun-2006 13:28 52K Program to generate all possible Scrabble racks rgb.swf 07-Jun-2006 13:29 44K Do not watch this if you are subject to seizures scope.emf 07-Jun-2006 13:29 9.0K scope.pdf 07-Jun-2006 13:29 12K techtv.wmv 07-Jun-2006 13:30 1.1M A one-of-a-kind historical recording device unknown-http.png 07-Jun-2006 13:30 12K Windows doesn't understand HTTP unknown-png.png 07-Jun-2006 13:30 19K Internet Explorer doesn't understand PNGs 29-Jul-2016 20:54 8.0M 12-Aug-2016 18:19 147M validate.xls 07-Jun-2006 13:30 69K A list of UNL sites that pass W3C validation z-order.avi 07-Jun-2006 16:32 10M