Pittsburgh Streets

Frazee Way

Neighborhood: East Liberty

Frazee Way was originally called Warp Way, as shown in the 1924 Hopkins street atlas.[2] Nearby Woof Way and Shuttle Way provide clues to the origin of these names: they are weaving terms. A shuttle, of course, is the wooden piece that holds yarn to be passed back and forth between the warp threads on a loom; the woof, or weft, is the resulting threads that run perpendicular to the warp. So Warp Way and Woof Way are quite appropriate names for intersecting alleys!

Warp Way was renamed Frazee Way by a city ordinance in 1919[1] (apparently the 1924 atlas hadn’t yet been updated).


[1]“An ordinance changing the name of Warp way, between North Euclid avenue and North St. Clair street, to Frazee way.” Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1919, no. 324. Passed Sept. 29, 1919; approved Oct. 2, 1919. Ordinance Book 30, p. 542. Reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post, Oct. 11, 1919, p. 18 (Newspapers.com 87630100), and Oct. 13, p. 12 (Newspapers.com 87630590).

[2]Real estate plat-book of the city of Pittsburgh, vol. 3. G. M. Hopkins & Co., Philadelphia, 1924. http://historicpittsburgh.org/maps-hopkins/1924-volume-3-plat-book-pittsburgh; included in the 1923 layer at http://esriurl.com/pittsburgh.